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Diving into the new normal

By July 12, 2020August 24th, 2020Blog, Scuba, Travel

Get back to diving

With the ever changing timeline of ‘life after COVID-19’, we though it was time to let our Sirens know how we’ll be taking care of you in the future. The last few months have been interesting times on our little island. The lack of tourism, while not so helpful for the local economy, has helped wildlife flourish. Popular dive sites have had a break from overhead boat traffic and divers alike. This seems to have given the reef a break and the general fish population seems to have exploded!

So when can you get back in the water?

A group of divers
tropical sea water

Ready for a holiday?

Though the Ministry of Tourism is organising a gradual reopening of Bali and the surrounding islands, we still have some way to go. Seeing how we don’t have any guaranteed dates for opening we are accepting flexible date bookings from October onwards.  

Of all the hobbies you may have, in some ways diving lends itself to self sufficiency. A separate air supply and buddy checks help to ensure that you are ready to face the dive and any problems that may arise. In fact, underwater must surely be the safest place to avoid COVID all together! 🙂

With just a little thought, we can make the rest of the time spend with us as safe as possible.

Dropping into the shop

On arrival to the Siren Diving shop you’ll have your temperature checked by the hand washing station and disinfectant stand. This cleaning station is for use by staff and customers when they first arrive and whenever they feel the need to use it. It is a requirement by the Indonesian government that everyone wears a mask while outdoors. Staff and customers will be asked to follow this advice whenever appropriate. The Siren Diving shop will have a selection of masks available for purchase should you forget or lose your own. 

Guest registration will be completed in our outside patio area to allow ample air movement and distancing. It’s worth noting that we are implementing new medical forms for divers performing courses or introductory dives. This is in line with new globally recommended diving practices and a copy can be found *HERE*

Diver with lots of equipment

Equipment Care

All of our equipment is washed and disinfected after each days diving. We will try to ensure that our customers have the same equipment during their visit with us. Guests with their own equipment may have it washed by our staff unless they would rather do it themselves. 

Out on the Boats

We have decided to reduce the maximum capacity of our larger boats down to a max of 8 guests on each dive day to allow ample space to move around.  As we have a few boats available, smaller groups may be taken on private boats at no extra charge. For refreshments, all customers will be allocated a cup for the day which will be sterilised on return to the dive shop.

After Diving

We know you guys enjoy a good lunch after diving! That’s why we will still be heading to one of our favourite Warungs, (local restaurants), for lunch after diving. Theres no better way to finish a dive day than a good feed.

We can do it together

We’ve all got used to making small changes in our lifestyle over the last few months. Thinking about these on holiday will be no exception. Together we can keep the impact minimal and get back to what we all really want to do… Go diving! 

Have you heard the Sirens call?

Team Siren in all their glory :)
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