Roll up, roll up, get your SSI Certification here

Basic Diver

Never been diving before but want to try?

The SSI Basic Diver experience is for you!
Come and see what all your friends have been doing.

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Open Water

Get your SSI Open Water Diver certification

Join the millions of people who have learned to scuba dive. This course is your entry into diving certifications.

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Advanced Adventurer

Advance and improve your diving, starting right after earning your Open Water certification.

Through 5 experience dives, this course builds confidence and expands your scuba skills.

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Stress & Rescue

Learn to manage problems in and out of the water, and become a better diver.

During the course, you learn to see problems before they happen and deal with them.

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SSI logo for dive centres

Siren Diving is an SSI Dive Center

This means that our facilities pass the highest standards set out by SSI relating to safety, training and professionalism for the instruction and the management or all SSI dive courses.

Why SSI?

There are a number of dive training agencies in the world including SSI, PADI, CMAS, NAUI and many more. All of these agencies aim to teach you the basics of scuba diving in a safe and informative way.

Here at Siren we know that SSI has an excellent reputation worldwide and is a leader of elearning and certification.

Choosing an SSI Dive Center ensures that you will receive the same quality experience
wherever you travel so you can be sure you’re getting the best.