The best things in life are free!

Unfortunately, diving does cost a little bit more… but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. At Siren Diving Lembongan we try to make our pricing as easy to understand as possible, so you know what you are paying and you know what you are getting for your money.

In addition to our pricing below, you can rent certain specialized equipment like an underwater camera, a sling tank or dive computer. You can even arrange for an instructor to take you for your diving if it’s been a while since you have been in the water. Contact us here for more details.

I’m a diver already!


Fun Diving


If you already have your license and want to go explore.

2 x fun dives including all equipment, instructor guide, refreshments and transfers.


IDR 1,600k per day


I want to try diving


Basic Diver


If you don’t have your license but want to give it a try.

2 x dives including all equipment, instructor guide, refreshments and transfers.


IDR 1,900k per day


Diving sounds a bit scary!




If you want to experience the ocean from the top of the waves.

2 x snorkeling sites including all equipment, instructor guide, refreshments and transfers.


IDR 500k per day


Your Training Menu

The prices below are for official training courses carried out by qualified professionals.

Prices are correct as of 1st June 2024 and are subject to change if bookings are made far in the future.

SSI Open Water Course

5,900k IDR

Get your diving certification now! Dive in and join the fun.

SSI Advanced Adventurer (2 Day)

5,300k IDR

5 experience building dives to take your diving further.

SSI Advanced Adventurer (3 Day)

5,900k IDR

5 training dives and an extra dive thrown in to take your diving further.

SSI Deep Diver Course

4,800k IDR

The most popular specialty course in 2 days diving. Plan and dive safely down to 40 meters.

SSI Deep and Nitrox Courses

6,000k IDR

Combine 2 of the most popular specialty courses into a 2 day package. Stay deeper for longer with the deep and Nitrox deal.

Other SSI Specialities

2,900k IDR

Waves Tides & Currents, Perfect Buoyancy, Photo & Video, Navigation, Fish ID, Sea Turtle Ecology and more... the choice is yours!

SSI Stress and Rescue

5,000k IDR

Become the buddy everyone wants to dive with. Because safety and being in control of the diving experience is your thing.

React Right - (Required for Stress & Rescue certification)

1,800k IDR

Learn first aid and secondary care to compliment your rescue skills

Olympus TG5

350k IDR

The same camera we use for the Siren shots


250k IDR

Full of GoPro movie awesomeness

Dive Computer

100k IDR

Rented by the day

The Small Print

  1. Dive trips to Manta Point and the East Coast (Sampalan and Karang Sari ) incur an IDR 150,000 fuel surcharge to cover the extra distance to the dive site.
  2. According to local law, all payments in the dive centre will be charged in Indonesian Rupiah. Any credit card payments will incur a 3% surcharge and PayPal payments 4%.
  3. Siren Diving Lembongan requires a 25% deposit for confirmation of all advanced bookings. This deposit is non-refundable, so if you have to cancel, the deposit will be lost. But, you know, we’re pretty reasonable people and life sometimes does get in the way so where possible we will try to accommodate changes in dates and times etc.
  4. Medical conditions that results in you not being able to dive will be addressed based on management discretion.

I’d like some money off please!

We offer the following discounts, combining up to a maximum of 20%

  • 5% – Own equipment (Full equipment only… nice try, but having a mask doesn’t count)
  • 5% – Currently working dive professional (because we all have to help each other out)
  • 5% – Local Indonesian discount (A little local lovin’)
  • 5% – KITAS holders (if you don’t know what this is, you don’t have one)
  • 5% – 3 or 4 days diving- 6 dives or more (It’s like a little reward scheme)
  • 10% – 5 or more days diving- 10 dives or more (You’re a diving demon and deserve it!)

Note : A special discount can be applied for bringing Darren and P jars of Vegemite, Branston pickle, Chocolate Hob-nobs and bottles of Red Wine 🙂