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Attention all ladies!

PADI Womens Dive Day

on Nusa Lembongan


Diving in Nusa Lembongan and the surrounding islands of Ceningan and Penida is always fun at any time of year. If you’ve been following our Google+ or YouTube channel, you’ll see we’ve already had some amazing encounters with Manta, mola and other ocean residents this season… (Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with the local diving news).

Whether you’re a young clownfish or an old barracuda, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, diving here has something unique to offer you.

But what’s this? Why have boys been having all the fun?

It was quite some time ago that the dive industry realized that the proportion of female divers trying the sport was substantially lower than male divers. In fact, based on certification numbers from PADI and other agencies, female certifications made up only 35% of the total qualified divers worldwide. In fact, the average entry level diver is still a 27 to 30 year old male. Strange considering that nearly two thirds of travelers today are woman and that any form of diving, snorkeling and freediving is more accessible than ever before.

Girls just wanna have fun

Proir to 2015 PADI recognized that the female of the species probably has the majority vote where families take their holidays and what activities the family will do on the holiday. It’s also quite likely that they have at least 50% control on the purse strings… 95% in my case 😉

3 years ago, PADI introduced the very first PADI Womens Day of diving with the idea of celebrating and promoting female divers, to come and take part in what was once a male dominated sport. Now in its third year and due to activities like PADI Womens Day, the fairer sex now claims a 40% share of entry level certification… Well done ladies!

Diving Sirens

Here at Siren Diving, we love an excuse to go diving and truth be told, any excuse to celebrate! We empowered woman can dive just as well as the boys, if not better because the big monkeys always use more air 😉

So come and join us for a day of spectacular diving and a true celebration of female divers. Don’t worry if you missed the day, the diving is always great and the welcome always friendly…

And finally ladies, keep blowing those bubbles!

Siren Divers on the Boat
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