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10 Tips for Lembongan Mermaids

By May 17, 2019August 24th, 2020Blog, Diving, Underwater Life
Visiting mermaids


As full time mermaid’s here in Lembongan we like to dive, chill and while away our time in style.  Our guests often ask us for recommendations around the island so we thought we’d compile a list of our top 10 things to do. Please note that there are many different places to visit and eat and these are simply some of the Siren Diving staffs favourites. Hope to see you at one of them soon on our little island of paradise 🙂


As you may know, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are world famous for diving with Mola. On many diver’s bucket list, we know just where to take you for your best chance to meet one. Mola season runs from July-October when the water around the islands becomes a little cooler. Though they are occasionally seen through the year, this is the best chance to see one.

We often find Mola at depths from 15 -40m when they visit cleaning stations around Lembongan and Penida. They can be seen at any dive site around the Nusa islands during the Mola season. Occasionally we even get to snorkel with them or see them breaching from the boat!

What are your chances of seeing a Mola? During Mola season your chances are pretty good if you’re diving for a few days. Do remember that the ocean is rather large and we never know exactly where and when the Mola will show up for sure!

A Mola Alexandrini
Manta glides past divers


We are so lucky here in the Nusa islands to have a healthy Manta Ray population all year round. With currently around 700 identified individuals that regularly visit our dive sites Manta Bay and Manta Point. So we have very good chances of diving with them daily when conditions allow.

Our most popular Manta site is Manta Point where there is a cleaning station and social region for adult Mantas. Over the year, there is a 90%+ chance to encounter these magnificent beasties. A closer site called Manta Bay is a nursery and feeding area for mostly juvenile Manta rays. Also popular for snorkelling, as well as diving because the Mantas can been seen from the surface. Here your chances are about 70% for a Manta encounter.

To find more about our Manta population here in Lembongan and Penida, check out the Marine Megafauna Foundation.


There are lots or great places to eat on Lembongan! From local delicacies to Western style, you’ve got plenty of places to try. Here we’ve split them into categories depending on what takes your fancy.

• PIZZA LOVERS: Hai Bar & Grill, Bunga Bungalow.
• BURGER LOVERS: Nick’s Place, Tropical Burger and Grill.
• BEST SMOOTHIE BOWLS: Next Level Cafe Ceningan, Tigerlilys.
• DELICIOUS LOCAL EATS: Warung Putu, Ibu Edy, Masakan Padang, Warung Rhido.
• CHEAP EATS: B Fresh, Green Garden, Nida’s.
• HEALTHY/VEGAN/VEGETARIAN: Kayu, Ginger & Jamu, Bali Eco Deli, Green Garden.
• FOOD WITH A VIEW: Water Blow, The Deck, Thai Pantry, Sea Breeze, Next Level Cafe, Sandy Bay.
• GOOD EATS WITH HOTEL PICK UP: Oishii, Hai Bar & Grill, Hai Ri Zen, Lemongrass, Sandy Bay.

A burger for lunch
Relaxing in a pool


While not an exhaustive list, here are some of our recommendations for accommodation close to the dive shop. There’s something to suit any budget so we’re sure you’ll find something to suit.

Hostels – Bong Hostel, Lembongan Hostel, Pange Hostel

Clean & simple – Seaweed Guesthouse, Dimi Guesthouse, Taju Guesthouse, Pange Guesthouse

Treat yourself – Jingga Villa, Tawe Blue Ocean, Laguna Reef


Lembongan & Ceningan islands host some great spots for surfing.

Learning to surf? Head to Shipwrecks which is an easier break suitable for beginners (on days of smaller swell). If you’re new to surfing we always recommend to book some lesson or a surf guide for safety for you and others in the surf break.

For more experienced surfers check out Lacerations, Ship Wrecks or Mahana Point! Ask local surf schools for help or information on surfing and board rental.

Local dude surfing
Sunset from Lembongan


Where are the best vantage points to watch the sunset? Here are a few of our favourite!

• Blue Corner Bar.

• Mahana Point on Ceningan (see photo)

• The beach in front of Mahagiri Resort.

• The Devil’s Tears view point (be careful not to approach the edge of the rocks)


You know how it is. You’ve flown halfway across the world to go on holiday and now you want some me time.

Whether sore from your travels or want to book a pampering session?

We can recommend SuB Massage for a great therapeutic massage for those aching muscles.

For something a little more fancy, book yourself in for a package at Harumaya Day Spa.

Hot stone massage
Drastic plastic


Be the best traveler you can be and join the plastic free movement on Lembongan!

1: Use a reusable bottle, available in our shop and get free refills with the Refill Bali app.

2: Avoid take away food as most restaurants will use packaging which often ends up in the ocean.

3: Say “NO” to plastic straws when you order a drink at a bar, cafe or restaurant.

4: Say “NO” to plastic bags, bring your own.

5: Avoid snacks packaged in plastic. Food packaging is one of the most common plastics we see contaminating the ocean in Bali when we dive. Let’s not add to it!


Of course, you can take a photograph anywhere on the island! If you want to find those Insta’ killer shots, check out the following 5 hotspots.

• The Devil’s Tears view point can be an awesome place to capture some dramatic photos and view of the waves crashing into the cliffs. (Be careful not to approach the edge where the rocks are wet, the waves can become suddenly very big!)

• Panorama Point is one of the most famous views in Lembongan and its on everyones instagram hit list. For a spectacular view over the island and Volcano check this one out!

• Ceningan Cliff a great vantage point so view the Toyapakeh Strait and Nusa Penida Island. From here you can see Gamat Bay and Crystal Bay. Keep your eyes open for passing dolphins in the chanel!

• Kayak In The Mangroves can be a really relaxing afternoon activity for a bit of peace and quiet. You can either have a guided tour in a small boat or rent your own 2 person kayak and explore the Mangrove forest on your own. (bring mosquito repellent!).

• Mahana Point is a good one for watching the surfers do their thing from the cliff above the waves. It’s also a perfect place for sunset beers with nice tunes.

View at devils tear
Girl doing yoga on the beach


Fancy a little dry, stretchy time?

Our friends over at Serenity Yoga offer daily classes in their beautiful yoga studio near the beach in Jungut Batu Village.

You can find their schedule on their facebook page

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