Wayan Supratman

Head 'chocolate brownie' eater

Hi Wayan, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve lived in Bali all my life and have always been working in the water. From seaweed and oyster farming to working on boats and taking divers, the ocean has always been part of my life. I didn’t have very good English language skills at first so I would work on the boats and listen to the other guides talking to guests. I’d spent evenings looking through the dictionary to increase my vocabulary and now I’m an instructor and pass on that learning to other locals.

When did you realise that diving was more than a hobby?

Diving was never really a hobby for me but the sea has always provided a living for my family and the people of Bali and the islands. As tourism on the islands started to increase, employment opportunities showing divers the underwater life started to appear so I took the opportunity. After working as an employee in diving for 10 years or so, I met Prashanti and Darren and we decided to start our own diving business… Siren Diving was born!

Favourite dive site?

Ha ha ha… The ocean is one big dive site for me and I love them all, but seeing Mola Mola at Crystal Bay is always exciting.

Wayan the 'Super' man

What is your most memorable moment underwater?

Years ago when we used to oyster farm in the shallows, there were always strange fish swimming past that we didn’t really have names for. It turns out that they were mola mola! I remember those days fondly (though it was very hard work!)

What is best part of your job?

Showing our guests my island is always my favourite part of the job. Seeing peoples faces when they see a passing shark or manta is magic!