Jenn Hadi

Officer of glee and coffee guzzler.

Hi Jenn, tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Indonesia and have lived in the States and in Canada. I first visited three years ago and love to travel. Now I’m hooked on exploring my beautiful home country, Indonesia.

Why diving?

Nothing gets me more excited than putting a wetsuit on…oh I mean descending into the blue and hanging out with my friends the fishies! 

My most memorable moment underwater is when I encountered an 8m Bryde’s whale in Thailand. I always dream of whale encounters, so this was very special to me and yes, I did cry underwater. The humpback whales run would be the next one that causes me to tear up I think. I also enjoy discovering very small creatures, such as nudibranchs and the baby frog fish. My ultimate favourite is the juvenile yellow box fish. 

If you were an ice cream, what flavour would you be?

If I were an ice cream I’d be Neapolitan, a bit of everything. 🙂

Diver Jenn

Any goals you’d like to share?

I love and adore the ocean so much. The ocean humbles me! I want to do as much as possible to protect it but we can’t protect what we don’t know. That is why I love taking others to explore what’s beneath the surface everyday. I particularly enjoy teaching and introducing this blue world to new divers. I realise that sharing the joy exploring the ocean brings even more joy for me! That’s how I know diving is more than just a hobby. Who doesn’t want to feel happy and excited waking up every morning, right? 

How would you like others to see you

Generally I’m a happy individual, you’ll only find me frowning when I miss my morning coffee or when I’m hungry. Diving brings me to another level of happiness, but it’s also more fun doing it with others. I really enjoy meeting new people and making new friends and I’m really looking forward to making new dive buddies!

Favourite Dive Site?

It has to be Manta Point. Watching a mating train of 15 – 20 manta rays is simply breathtaking!