Darren Warburton

Aquatic bodyguard and chief tank filler.

Hi Darren, tell us a bit about yourself.

Born in England before sunshine had been invented, I started diving in the late jurassic period. What started as a childhood interest in tropical fish keeping, turned into a lifestyle I would never have imagined possible. I was lucky enough to work on stage in my 20’s performing comedy and cabaret. So the last 15 years or so in South East Asia have linked my fascination with the ocean and telling dreadful “Dad Jokes” to our guests 😉

When did you realise that diving was more than a hobby?

I only got into diving when a friend of mine needed a buddy. The next thing I know i’m in the dive shop looking at new gear. I think I spent so much on new diving toys that I could have bought a car! Seriously, there is some very cool gear out there and it’s so much safer and easier to use than it was in the 80s.

Favourite dive site?

Tough call, but if I could only had one dive left here on the islands it would be a fast drift at Toyapakeh… Awesome.

Diver D, acting the fool

What is your most memorable moment underwater?

There’s been so many. I guess the most recent was finishing a safety stop at Manta Bay, Nusa Penida, and a adult thresher shark swims right past us. No more than 10m away, it was a beast! I was so blown away I nearly peed in my wetsuit 😉

What is best part of your job?

Well, aside from seeing the most amazing underwater life every day, it must be the teaching. Take a nervous, first time diver in the swimming pool. Help them to build their confidence and after a couple of day blossom into a competent diver. For me, there’s nothing else like it.