Manta with mouth agape

Conditions for diving with the manta rays

Our manta ray dive sites can be found on the exposed coast line on the South coast of Nusa Penida. This side of the island sometimes experiences big swell and waves. During this time it is not possible or safe to dive either the manta sites or Crystal Bay. Though we are usually able to predict big swell in advance, sometimes conditions change at short notice. The North Coast of Nusa Penida is on the protected coastline between Penida and Bali. So even if large swell is hitting the South, we are always able to dive the North.

What happens if we change dive sites?

Being so popular, some of our customers may book diving purely to see the manta rays. If we know the day before that we are unable to offer a scheduled manta dive, our guests will have the opportunity to change their booking at no additional cost. In the event that we are already on the boat and have to change the dive sites for safety, we will redirect to a more suitable dive site. In this case, no rescheduling or refund can be offered.

We are subject to the wills of Mother Nature!

Diver on board