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Plenty more fish in the sea

By January 22, 2018August 24th, 2020Blog, Edutainment, Scuba, Siren Diving, Underwater Life

If fish used Tinder

Ask anyone who had been diving about underwater life and they will tell you that fish have personalities. Being originally from, (and diving in), the UK I used to think that all fish looked grumpy. It seemed to me that the reason they were flapping their fins was to keep warm. Now, our little corner of paradise in Indonesia has local aquatic residents that are way more flamboyant. Sure, it’s people transferring human emotions onto members of the animal kingdom. They really do seem to have different characters though. Besides, it’s kind of fun to do and it gives us chance to bust out the best fish puns we could think of! 🙂

I’d like to sea where this is going

From the timid box fish, to the bold and brash Wrasse, each fishy family behaves in a unique way. Many an evening has been spent at the dive centre putting imaginary voices to these critters and that’s where the question first came from… “What if fish had Tinder profiles?”

Read on to see who is randy and who is just plain sandy…

Meet Daphne

Call me, we were manta be together!

I love to regularly visit all of my local haunts for a quick bite to eat just don’t try to tie me down to one spot.

Loves: Hand gliding and lunching with the girls.
Hates: Exercising at the beach as I once pulled a mussel.

Essential Accessory: Ray-Bans

If fish were on Tinder 1
If fish were on Tinder 2

Meet Dave

With friends like me, who need anemones?

Seriously, I am sociable chap, hanging with my bro’s all day. Some say I have an unhealthy relationship with my Mum, but she did used to be my Dad so it’s not surprising really is it? I love clowning around but never go to the circus… It’s too in tents.

Favourite TV Show: Clownton Abbey

Meet Goeff

Fancy a bit on the side? That’s how I roll.

I’m not a great looker but I was the local reef hide and seek champion 2015.
You can come to me, or we can go to your plaice?

Favourite burger: A quarter flounder

If fish were on Tinder 3
If fish were on Tinder 6

Meet Miranda

I love dressing up and have been accused of being overly flamboyant but if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Going out together sounds shrimpy delightful… We’ll have to take my depressed sister though, she just lobster job.

Favourite movie: “The Codfather”

Meet Harold

I’m quite spiritshoal and don’t like artifishial people.

Is that somefin I should worry about? I’ll give you time to mullet over.

Favourite song: “Never going to give you up, never going to let you drown”, Fish Ashley

If fish were on Tinder 4
If fish were on Tinder 5

Meet Inge and Elsa

We’re a couple of real party girls who love to play dress up. With us, anyfin is possible.

We always date together and rarely argue but if we do we’ll probubbly slug it out.

Favourite actress: Kate Beckinsnail

Meet Shaun

There’s way to much activity on the reef for my liking. I love to chill and hang out watching the world go by…

Tuna round girl and let me sea that bass.

Favourite Musical Genre: Beach bum & Bass

If fish were on Tinder 10
If fish were on Tinder 9

Meet Penelope

I’m terribly busy most of the time with so much to do but I’m tired of being shingle.

I’m quite bright if a little square… I like to party but don’t worry, if I ever get out of my box i’ll try to scale back.

Favourite Artist: Tuna Turner

Meet Neville

I’m broody, beige and very sofishticated…

I never think that I drink to much but I always seem to find myself crawling home?

Favourite movie: “The Good, the Bad and the Slugly”

If fish were on Tinder 8
If fish were on Tinder 7

Meet Mishell

I love lying round in my (sea) bed. At first I can seem a little shy but once you get to know me, I’m not at all crabby.

Favourite Inventor: Leonardo da Pinchi

Meet Trevor

I’m offishelly the turtley responsible one in a relationship.

Not being antisoshell is something our parents should have tortoise.

Favourite Prime Minister: Winston Perch-hill

If fish were on Tinder 11

Come and meet our lovely singles


A couple of evenings conversation and a lifetime of therapy ahead but I think we’ve shown that aquatic animals need some good loving too 🙂

Join the Sirens, diving on Nusa Lembongan and meet our singles fin to fin… It’s sure to be regulatoriffic!

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